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If we lived in an ideal world, which sadly we don’t, every show and concert we present would cover its costs on ticket sales alone. The truth is however that income from ticket sales has to be augmented with funds from corporate sponsors, profits from show-programmes, raffles and suchlike. Another valuable income stream is the kind donations which our members and other supporters make to us as VICE PRESIDENTS and PATRONS.

For our last production, we netted £280 of income from Vice-Presidents and £360 from Patrons. Because these are donations, we’re allowed to claim back GIFT AID (on those donations made by people who pay income tax) which boosts the value by up to 25%.

Becoming a PATRON of a production simply requires a donation of £10 per person and elevating yourself to the lofty height of VICE PRESIDENT of the society requires a donation of £20 or more.  Patrons and Vice Presidents are acknowledged on a special page in our souvenir show-programme.

If you’re able to make a donation as a PATRON or VICE PRESIDENT, please drop a line to