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The BCP’s stage crew can turn their hands to pretty much anything and create all manner of things but every once in a while even they need to reach out to people with a particular set of skills.

For its October 2018 show, ‘The Wiz’, the BCP’s crew is wanting to make contact with people who have experience of STREET ART or, graffiti as its sometimes still known.

Not for the first time in the society’s 90+ year history, the BCP’s stage crew is building the entire set for ‘The Wiz’ from scratch and, without giving too much away on how this exciting show is going to be staged, they need to reach-out to people who can help with some set painting in the ‘street art’ style.

The work certainly doesn’t need to be as high-quality or as detailed as the example images below but it does need to be more than random daubing with spray cans!

If you’re able to help out or you know people who might – please do get in touch:

We don’t have an extravagant budget for this décor, but we can provide spray paint, the coffee’s not bad and the banter is 1st class.